rider info

We provide service from Jackson to and from Teton Village, Teton Valley and Star Valley, as well as free shuttles around the Town of Jackson. Plan to get to the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive and have your exact cash fare ready or show the driver your pass. Drivers cannot sell passes or make change. Buses cannot load or unload passengers between bus stops.

  • Buses are eqipped with bike racks. If rack is full, bikes can only be taken inside the bus if space allows and at driver's discretion. Bikes are not allowed inside Town Shuttle buses.
  • Teton Village, Wilson and Hoback services are FREE for all Teton County, WY students (grade 12 & under).


Within Jackson town limits, Jackson<-->Stilson, Jackson <-->Wilson, Stilson<-->Teton Village

Jackson – Teton Village or Hoback: 1 ride (one way)

$3 *
Jackson – Teton Village: 1 ride (one way) - on Teton Village Road Only
$1 *
Jackson – Teton Village or Hoback: Season Pass
$125 *
Jackson – Teton Village or Hoback: 10 Ride Discount Book
$24 *
Jackson – Star Valley: 1 ride (one way)
$8 **
Jackson – Star Valley: 10 rides
Jackson – Star Valley Monthly Pass
$105 **
Jackson – Teton Valley: 1 ride (one way)
$8 **
Jackson – Teton Valley: 10 rides

Jackson – Teton Valley Monthly Pass


Jackson-Teton Village or Hoback Season Passes are sold at Albertson's, START, and Town Hall.

Jackson-Teton Village or Hoback Discount Books are sold at Albertson's START, Town Hall, and various Teton Village locations.

Jackson-Star Valley or Jackson-Teton Valley Monthly Passes and 10 Ride Ticket Books are sold at START and Jackson Town Hall. If more than one month is purchased at one time, each month beyond the first is only $95. Call 733-4521 for details.


55 Karns Meadow Dr.

Jackson, WY 83001

Town Hall:

150 East Pearl Ave.

Jackson, WY 83001