about START

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  • Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START Bus or START) is the public transportation system that serves the residents and visitors of Teton County, Wyoming. START Bus runs routes within the town of Jackson, between Jackson and Teton Village as well as commuter routes from Star Valley, WY and Teton County, ID.

  • Rising gas prices, increasing awareness of the need for energy conservation and unprecedented growth in our community have contributed to START ridership currently over 900,000 annually, more than triple the riders served just ten years ago in 2000.

  • START/Public Works critically needs a new facility for adequate space for maintaining the existing fleet as well as the additional buses START will need.

  • START cannot add buses to the fleet until a larger maintenance facility is available.

  • The current START Bus fleet represents and investment of over $7.5 million in federal, town and county funds.
  • START Bus service helps take cars off the road. Vehicle miles are reduced by over 3 million per year which translates into approximately 100,000 less gallons of fuel used. This reduction of fuel consumption results in a reduction of over 1.8 million pounds of carbon emissions each year.

  • START is a truly green transportation alternative and this facility will only increase START’s positive effect on the environment. 

  • The new facility meets green building standards necessary to be granted LEEDs Silver Status Certification.

  • The new facility (when fully completed) will be used to maintain vehicles operated by START Bus, Town Public Works, Police Department, Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department.